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CHEM Group

Chung-Hsin Electric and Machinery Manufacturing Corp. (CHEM) was founded in 1956, and started in Production of large power of gas insulated circuit breaker (GIS). With the management principle of innovation, diversity and sustainable development, CHEM go toward the globalization from Taiwan base, and the number of employees more than 2150.
- Capital:4.2 billion
- Revenue:12.7 billion (in 2016)
- IPO in Taiwan:1994
-CHEM Group website:www.chem.com.tw


With self experience in using the advanced machine tools, CHEM branched out into manufacturing of machine tools since 2010, and established the CNC business group with brand “CHEMSEIKI”, and dedicated to the development and manufacturing of large advanced machine tools.

CHEMSEIKI business group dedicated over 60 years experiences and techniques in precision machining, and built the production line for manufacturing large machine tools. By self-using to verify the reliability of machine tools, CHEMSEIKI is the only one provider who has capabilities in both manufacturing the advanced 5-axis machine tools and machining the aerospace components.

A Legacy Of Leading Innovation

CHEMSEIKI, cooperates with European design team to provide the complete product line and service for customers. Through technical cooperation with NOMURA (Japan), who has over one-century experience and superb craftsmanship, to produce the horizontal boring and milling machine, and provide the total solution for the advanced large precision machining, the application industry including aerospace, automobile mode, rail track, green energy and photonics industry.

CHEMSEIKI look forward to combine development, manufacturing, sales and service as total package services to provide the superior products with most efficiency solutions to customers.

60 years+ Experience

Diversified business group

70%+ of GIS market share

2150+ Employers

Application Industry






Quality Certification

ISO 9001 Quality System Certification

ISO 14001 Environmental System Certification

TAF Calibration Laboratory Accreditation

AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management Systems

Chinese National Standards (CNS) Mark Certification

CHEM History

NOMURA Business.
Established New Energy R&D center to dedicate solely to Hydrogen Fuel Cell products.
Founded DoDoHome, Started parking engineering & management business.
Established Chung-Hsin Power Systems in China to manufacture casting aluminum alloy conductor and pressure vessel for GIS/GCB.
Engage Incinerator projects.
IPO in Taiwan (Code:1513).
With Hitachi (Japan) to start developing SF6 GIS and GCB related products.
Technical collaboration with GE (USA) to start manufacturing electrical meter.
Chung Hsin Electric factory established. Major products were electric motors and generators.