Floor Type Horizontal - HBA-QF Series

Applicable Industry Energy Photonics

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High DynamicSpindle

Design for Large Workpiece Machining

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High Rigidity

-Fully utilize the axes strokes and table size.

-The cross section of each major body structure has been increased to 150% of the industrial normal type, and distortion ratio reduced 200% providing superior dampening capability.

High Precision

-Heat and friction were minimized at the lowest level to assure excellent precision. Circulating, cooled spindle oil is employed to provide a mist-lubrication of the spindle bearings, and a coolant jacket for outer spindle and spindle motor flange.

-The slideways are force-lubricated, and all moving components are free from heat and distortion.

Hand Scrapping

-With over a century of superb craftsmanship, hand scrapping technique makes mechanical contact surface smoother, and ensures the machine precision. Hand scraping techniques can achieve the flatness and straightness that machine cannot achieve.


Japan-Original Spindle

-The spindle undergoes nitriding process to achive hardness over HS95. The super-finish grinding makes the mirror-like spindle surface.

-The spindle quill perform the curburizing and quenching treament, the surface hardness can achieve over HS78 The super-precision thrust bearing can maintain the space between the spindle, which can keep the machining accuracy for long time.

-The maximum torque of spindle 3970Nm (405kgf-m).

-Since the bearing components of the spindle are equipped with a mist lubrictation, and the outer spindle and motor flange employ an oil-jacket cooling system, they are free from heat and distortaion caused by friction.


Boxed Type Structural Design

-With the rib arrangemet and large cross-sectional area, high rigidity, stability, and resistance to vibration can be achieved.


Axis design

-The driving power is transmitted from servo motors to ball screws by couplings on X, Y-axis, preventing backlash fro accurate contouring commands. The large diameter Z-axis ball screw incorporates a gearbox to generate the maximum continuous thrust force of 3,000kg.