Gantry Type 5-Axis - GT Series

Applicable Industry Aerospace Automobile


Ideal forprecision space

Linear motordriving

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Simultaneous 5-axis cutting

-This simultaneous 5-axis machining center is capable of multi-axis processing with one chucking system. When combined with the advanced controller, the machine can perform high-precision machining on complex surfaces.

Torque motor

-High-efficiency permanent magnet, resulting in zero magnet degradation.

-High dynamic response, high torque, and high rotation speed.

-Equipped with high-resolution ring optical encoders, achieving perfect precision.

-Direct-drive motor causing minimal mechanical wear and defect provide in high precision and easy maintenance.

-Excellent for heavy cutting and high-speed machining.


Driven by linear motor

-X/ Y/ Z-axis is compared with normal ball screw driving system, easily to achieve high-speed, high precision and excellent cutting response due to backlash-free.

-Rapid traverse speeds up to 50m/min and more, reduce non-cutting time.

-Guideways: high rigidity roller type linear guideways minimize wear and ensure long-lasting precision.

-Feedback: with high-resolution optical encoders, it can reach a maximum speed and accuracy to meet customer demands for high-performance machining.



-Z-axis utilizes the high response Hydec hydraulic counterweight closed-loop system for better precision and acceleration. It ensures the headstock not fall due the the gravity even when emergency power is off.


Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)

-The umbrella-type tool magazine provide the smooth, quiet, and accurate position. The material of tool clamper is engineering composite plastic, which provides the stalbe clamping force and excellent coverage, and protects the spindle and tool magazine from improper tool changing. The tool changer is checked by tool holder load running-in test and achieves the requirements of stable, quick, easy, reliable and long service life.


Full Closed-loop Control

-High resolution optical encoders are used to ensure the accuracy of the 5-axis position without affected by thermal expansion . The excellent feedback control also ensures a high stability of servo system and position precision.


Temperature Control System

-A inverter water cooling system effectively reduces the operating temperature of spindle and axial elements , ensuring optimal motor performance and stable thermal growth . The electrical cabinet uses an air conditioner system ensuring normal operation of the controller and maintaining the life of electrical elements.